the GLOWBAR  $3oo

This 8' wide illuminated glow bar is a lit from inside featured halogen bulbs. The barkeep side is hollow allowing for a table set up. Graphics can be applied to the front for an additional cost.


the METRO SIGN  $175

Replica Metro Signs. 8 stations to choose from or grab them all for a discount.


the SWISS CHEESE  $300

The "swiss cheese" looking panels are actually great room dividers. Your choice of white or black. 


the MONUMENT  $250

This grand tribute to the Washington Monument is great as a stand alone piece. We have two, so make it double the presentation with flanking monuments! 

Stands 12' high, also available as just the frame.



While this isn't actually made from fish scales, it is a great textured look that compliments most ballrooms and event spaces. Specially helpful for those meeting room sized events that need just a bit more pizzazz!


the LCD Gray Truss $300

A single gray truss supporting a vertical 37" LCD to be used with you thumb drive for any graphics, logos or imagery you may need.