the AVIATOR  $325

This double truss podium is a soft silver and available with a 37" LCD display for $575. Your graphics on a thumb drive will brand your podium or attach your presentation or other video source.


the BORAT  $175

Classic wood podium so named because the character "Borat" used two of these podiums for his movie.

Front Height - 47"

Back Height - 43"

Depth - 24"

Top Width - 24"


the EXECUTIVE  $300

The rear of this podium is open to accept wheelchair access, the height can be adjusted to the speaker's preference by using a simple electronic switch from 38" to 46" high from the floor.


Adjustable height.

Depth - 30.5"

Top Width - 42"


the MARBLER  $250

This podium is a unique faux marble finish, a certain stand out piece for our stage. Add 3-piece or single piece columns for the complete look. 

Front Height - 48.5"

Back Height - 42"

Depth - 21.5"

Top Width - 29.5"


the CHERRY  $175 

This podium is equipped with a slide out side table and also a pull drawer for that speaker with more than just a speech.


the LCD GRAY TRUSS  $300

A single gray truss supporting a vertical 37" LCD to be used with you thumb drive for any graphics, logos or imagery you may need.


the Director $150

This adjustable height lectern is great for the small meeting. Adjustable from 26" - 41". Lightweight, making it easy to move, which is great for accommodating the guest speaker who likes to pace!


the Blade $175

The Blade is sleek, bold and a perfect choice for those tech conferences. It is lightweight enough to be moved to the side in case on stage theatrics command presence and also has a 26" wide top to support three sheets of paper, side by side.

Front Height - 44.5"

Depth - 14"

Top Width - 26"

BLADE LCT.B - Blade Lectern Black.jpg

the Coal Truss $150

The Coal Truss is another triangle truss upright in all black. A wooden base and top piece are rugged look for those stage sets that have a burly, gritty edge to them.